In business, diversification can be a smart investment strategy to help scale and grow a portfolio. At Sarpino’s USA, we’ve developed a turnkey opportunity that is ideal for existing food operators to expand their offering. Here’s why franchise portfolio diversification works with Sarpino’s USA.

Affordable Investment

Sarpino’s USA is one of the most affordable businesses to own in the booming nearly $50 billion pizza industry.

The initial investment for owning a Sarpino’s USA franchise typically ranges from $395,500 to $582,000. That’s it! That includes everything. There are no hidden or tacked-on fees, no extra bells and whistles needed to yield a higher ROI.

So, how do we do it?

Our restaurants are delivery-only and require a minimal real estate footprint of 1,200 square feet. We’ve worked hard to refine our systems and processes. And we’re proud to have a hyper-efficient model that keeps labor and food costs as low as possible.

Startup Support & Ongoing Training

We have developed one of the most comprehensive startup, training, and ongoing support platforms in the industry. This includes site selection, grand opening support, ongoing marketing support, and more.

Our very structured training program includes print and online learning. We remain committed to helping our franchisees build effective teams. We teach them the ongoing leadership skills we know they’ll need to be successful.

Our programs not only set you up for long-term success, but your team as well. We understand having a strong team means peace of mind and more time freedom. In fact, several of our franchisees got their start working for a Sarpino’s USA franchise as an employee. Talent development is nothing new to us.

Strong Unit-Level Economics

Our top franchisees enjoy $1.35 million in average store sales* – one of the highest among all pizza franchises. That’s because our model is designed to generate a quicker and stronger return on your investment.

With our affordable cost to entry, minimal real estate footprint, and hyper-efficient labor model, our systemwide labor costs average 28.6%. And, although our menu is more involved, we have strong vendor relationships, and our team works diligently to keep food costs down.

Variety & Quality of Our Menu

We pride ourselves on our food. We take an artisanal approach to pizza-making simply not found in the bigger chains. Our food is made from scratch, in-house, every day.

Our award-winning menu is large and inclusive. In addition to our traditional specialty and gourmet pizzas, we offer a full vegan menu and a variety of gluten free options. Overall, we have more than 60 pizzas, roughly 20 calzones and 20 sandwiches, 12 pastas, 11 salads, five bone-in wing flavors, and a variety of appetizers. And we’re always looking for new flavor profiles and rolling out new products – like our BBQ Pork Belly Pizza – to get our customer excited about ordering from us.

The breadth of our menu keeps our customers coming back and attracts new ones. And, because we feature several premium items in our recipes, our average guest check is nearly $30, helping to build revenue and gross profit margins for our franchisees.

Third-Party Financing Available

We are partnered up with third party financing to assist our franchisees in getting the required funds with the least amount of hassle. For experienced operators, we only require $100,000 liquid capital and a good credit score to get pre-approved. When you invest in a Sarpino’s USA franchise, we do everything in our power to ensure you are set up for success.

Franchising Information

Looking to diversify with a leading pizza franchise? Learn more about our franchise opportunity by visiting or giving us a call at 773-673-8295.

*Based on the Average Unit Volume of the top 50% of our Franchised Stores for fiscal year 2022. Based on fiscal year 2022, 9 of 43 Franchised Stores in the category (21%) met or exceeded this average. This information appears in Item 19 of our 2023 FDD – please refer to our FDD for complete information on financial performance. Your results may differ. There is no assurance that you will do as well.