Steps to Ownership

Sarpino’s USA is a people-first business built on relationships, and we value ours with you from day one. We’re excited about bringing new franchise owners to our Sarpino’s USA family, but we need to make sure it’s a good fit for you and a good fit for us as well. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your Sarpino’s USA experience will be a success.



Complete Request for Info Form

Once this form is completed, a member of the Franchise Development Team will contact you to discuss the Sarpino’s USA franchise opportunities in your area, market availability, timeframe, and owner qualifications. Additionally, we’ll discuss financial qualifications and answer any questions you may have about our brand and what it takes to be a Sarpino’s USA franchise owner.



Disclosure Meeting

If we both determine that we are a good potential fit for each other, you will receive the Sarpino’s USA Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This phase of discovery takes a deeper dive into the FDD as it includes a detailed investment breakdown, financial performance, fee structure, and more.



Due Diligence with Our Owners

It’s important that you speak with existing Sarpino’s USA franchisees to get their perspective on ownership. This is your chance to talk to them about the opportunity and ask for advice.



Financial Asset Verification

During this phase, we need to verify your financial strength to ensure a smooth transaction to financing the investment. We will also perform a credit and background check.



Meet Company Leaders & Support Infrastructure

A meeting will be scheduled with a select group of company leaders who take the lead in supporting our franchisees. You will have an opportunity to interact with your future partners so that you can get a better feel for the team that would help you be successful in transitioning into this business and mentor you throughout your tenure with Sarpino’s USA.



Sign Your Franchise Agreement

Once your corporation has been formed, we will issue you a Franchise Agreement. Review and sign the agreement and you are officially a Sarpino’s USA franchisee!



Site Selection & Lease

You will work closely with Sarpino’s USA and an independent real estate broker to identify sites of interest within the area that you have secured the development rights to. When approved, we will assist you with negotiating lease terms with the property owner. Once your final lease has been reviewed and approved, you are free to execute your lease.



Open your Sarpino’s Pizzeria

Welcome to Sarpino’s USA – let the excitement begin as you learn more about the best pizza franchise opportunity around. Your support team will work alongside you and your crew on day one and over the next several weeks, making sure your customers get the Sarpino’s USA experience that brings them back again and again.

Qualifications for Ownership



Sarpino’s USA is seeking franchisees willing to capitalize on the multi-billion-dollar U.S. pizza delivery industry in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties in the state of Florida, Denver, CO, St. Louise, MO, Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN and Atlanta, GA.



Sarpino’s is looking for both single unit and multi-unit franchisees.



Sarpino’s is an active investment, we are looking for franchisees who will actively participate in their business. Candidates must have the ability and desire to learn and follow a system that ensures value and complete customer satisfaction. Owning a Sarpino’s USA restaurant requires strong interpersonal skills, outstanding customer service, solid organizational skills, and the ability to manage and motivate employees while continually expanding a customer base.
Franchise ownership groups that include an operating partner are also welcome.



Restaurant experience is preferred, but not required. We’re looking for franchisees that have a track record of building successful, high-performing teams.


Financial Requirements

Sarpino’s franchisees can expect their initial investment to range from $395,500 to $582,000 depending on the restaurant format and real estate selected.

Prospects with recent restaurant experience of 5+ years are required to have liquid capital of $100,000 and credit score of 680 or above to qualify, for experienced candidates net worth is not required.

Prospects with no restaurant experience need to have $100,000 liquid capital, good credit score and net worth of $250,000+.

Cost & Revenues


Average Store Sales


Net Average Ticket


Average Labor Cost
Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Franchise Fee

Total Initial Investment


Total Initial Investment

Royalty Fees


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Royalty Fees

Advertising Fees


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Advertising Fees


Liquid Capital

Sarpino’s USA Franchise FAQs

Answers to the most asked questions about joining the Sarpino’s USA family.

Are you interested in opening a Sarpino’s USA franchise in your community? We’re looking for passionate entrepreneurs ready to seize upon the opportunity.

Below are some answers to common questions we’re often asked about the Sarpino’s USA franchise opportunity. If you have additional questions or want more information about our brand, simply fill out an application on this site and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

What is a Sarpino’s USA Franchise?

Sarpino’s USA is a pizza delivery and take out franchise concept dedicated to from scratch cooking and baking. Almost everything is made in-house, which allows Sarpino’s USA owners to honor the traditions of our Calabrian heritage while simultaneously elevating them to create better opportunities for growth and profitability. Sarpino’s USA was launched in 2005 and today we’re closing in on nearly 50 restaurants spread across almost a dozen states.

What makes Sarpino’s USA different?

Sarpino’s USA is the perfect combination of old-world authenticity and contemporary, cutting-edge brilliance. We have a commitment to making food from scratch. Our significant investments in a state-of-the-art support infrastructure, industry-leading technology, and the ability to cultivate real relationships with our customers created a best-bet business opportunity well ahead of the competition. High average unit volume, available lucrative territories and low entry cost differentiate us from our competitors.

Is financing available?

Yes, through third party lenders. Sarpino’s USA works with several lenders that offer a variety of financing options to provide franchise owners with the funds they need to open their first location or expand their existing network of stores.

What is the franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $30,000.

What are the royalty and ad fund costs?

The royalty fee is 6% of monthly net sales and the brand marketing fee is 2% of monthly net sales.

How large of a space do I need?

A typical store size is approximately 1,200 to 1,400 square feet.

How many employees do I need?

On average, our franchise owners oversee a staff of 15-20 employees, consisting of 5-7 crew members per shift, depending on the size and volume of the store.

Is there training and support?

Our new owner training program offers a comprehensive 4-weeks course that includes business training and hands-on experience in our Training Center just outside of Chicago. Additionally, we spend one-month in your actual restaurant during your opening to help you hit the ground running. Our training and development team also offers continuous training sessions and online guides for owners, managers, and crew members.