As was recently reported in Franchise Times: Sarpino’s Pizza leader helps franchisees meet goals. Sarpino’s USA Area Developer Vasili Bykau has worn many hats in his 20 years with the brand. He has worked in every level of our company – as a delivery driver and franchisee, and now as an area developer for South Florida. Now he plans to use his experience to support his franchisees and employees through their own careers.

“My major goal is that my franchisees succeed,” said Bykau. “Franchisees are human beings and they’re looking,” for opportunities. “My job is to make sure they’re meeting their goals.”

Sarpino’s USA Offers Opportunities to Immigrants: Helps Franchisees Meet Goals

Megan Glenn, Franchise Times: An immigrant seeking political asylum from Belarus, Bykau arrived in Chicago in 2003. He had a law degree from Belarus. However, becoming a lawyer in the United States would require him to be fluent in English and return to school. Needing a job to start his new life, he became a delivery driver for Sarpino’s at the age of 23.

“I realized that it would be challenging to become a lawyer here. So, I learned about the franchise model while working as a delivery driver,” he said. “I saw an opportunity to grow with this company.”

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Brand History

Sarpino’s Pizzeria was brought to the U.S. in 2002 by David Chatkin, the brand’s original Illinois franchisee. An immigrant himself, David has a deep appreciation for the American Dream and creating equal opportunities for everyone – no matter the level. Over the past 20 years, David has been a champion of our brand, developing it into the exceptional franchise it is today with proven, hyper-efficient systems and strong unit-level economics.

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