Electric vehicles are helping Sarpino’s USA Franchisee Girmantas Urbonas attract new employees and customers while reducing costs. Based in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove, Urbonas has prioritized sustainability in his local community by completing deliveries with electric vehicles. While he believes the choice is a worthwhile environmental investment that will create long-term savings and economic efficiencies, there has been an added benefit of going electric.

Recruitment Tool

The vehicles have ended up selling themselves because they are attracting delivery drivers to his business. This is a crucial recruitment tool in today’s competitive labor market.

“I have not had a problem finding delivery drivers. Maybe partly because we pay better than other places. We are also busier than most of our competitors. But the cars also work as an incredible tool for advertising,” said Urbonas.

Electric Vehicles Require Limited Maintenance

Even with hybrid cars, you need to change the oil often, maintain the belts and the engine. “With electric, we replace the batteries every two years, but that’s it. There’s very little upkeep. Plus, with gas cars, there were always complaints among employees. Who was going to put gas in the car? We charge overnight and that’s enough power to last the whole day,” adds Urbonas.

Environmental Impact

“We often post about how many tons of CO2 savings we achieve in one month because of our electric vehicles and their efficiencies,” said Urbonas. “And, because we deliver a lot in the late-night hours, it’s a bonus that these cars are so quiet.”

Franchise Information

To read the full story in PMQ Pizza Media about Girmantas Urbonas, click HERE.

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