Sarpino’s USA’s seamless guest experience is fueling customer satisfaction and ongoing growth as we continue to combine and refine our Old World Italian authenticity and good old fashioned American ingenuity.

It Starts with a Great Product

As a restaurant brand, having a great product is how you begin building a strong customer base. At Sarpino’s USA, we take great pride in our food, which is why we hand-knead our dough, make our pizza sauce from scratch, and use only the freshest ingredients. Our artisanal approach to pizza-making simply isn’t found in the big chain restaurants and it’s rarely found in independent pizza shops either.

The high standard of quality we have for our product, combined with our robust and inclusive menu featuring over 100 items – including an entirely separate vegan menu – has allowed us to carve out a defensible niche in a competitive segment. It differentiates us from our competitors and it’s something our customers take notice of that keeps them coming back time and time again.

Convenience and Consistency Equals Customer Satisfaction

Today’s consumers demand convenience and fortunately for us, we offer it at every touchpoint of our customer experience.

Sarpino’s USA was born as a delivery and pickup-only concept, and we remain so today. While other national brands have struggled to keep up with the demand for delivery – especially in recent years – we have excelled since day one.

We stay at the forefront of technology and innovation and maintain an unwavering commitment to having the latest and best systems in place to keep our customer experience consistent and seamless.

These efforts have translated to strong customer satisfaction at our existing locations and have put us in prime position for substantial franchise growth.

“We currently have a national franchise expansion plan underway targeting markets where our existing stores have continued to outperform the system and consumer demand is high, such as in South Florida and the Midwest,” said David Chatkin, President of Sarpino’s USA. “Given how strongly our operational model performed during the rush toward convenience throughout the pandemic and beyond, there has never been a better time to join our brand.”

Leading in Technology

Today, we have a proprietary technological infrastructure that not only streamlines restaurant operations for our franchisees and employees, but provides our guests with a truly seamless experience from beginning to end.

In our back-of-house, each of our workstations – from the cashier to the cook to the pizza-cutter – has a monitor installed that shows the progress of an order from the moment it’s placed to when it’s delivered at the customer’s door.

Our delivery drivers use a mobile app that allows information-sharing, both for the drivers themselves and the managers back at the restaurant. This allows for real-time updates and communication. Plus, our computer system allows to combine delivery orders that are going in the same direction, which cuts down labor costs for our franchisees since fewer drivers must be on the road and they’re able to maximize their employees’ time on shift.

“We have acquired a proven method to a truly seamless customer experience that has generated strong satisfaction and loyalty among our fanbase. When you consider our success in this area, coupled with our best-in-class product, becoming a Sarpino’s USA franchisee is a no-brainer,” added Chatkin.

Franchising Information

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