Sarpino’s USA Franchisee Kateryna Tserkovniuk

In 2018 Kateryna Tserkovniuk’s life completely changed when this Ukrainian immigrant found the American dream through Sarpino’s USA. She moved to South Florida and landed a job as a cashier at Sarpino’s USA in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Through hard work and perseverance, she is now one of our newest franchisees.

Sarpino’s USA and the American Dream

A native of Ukraine, Kateryna worked her way up to store manager and then regional manager. Now at the age of 26 she opening her own Sarpino’s USA franchise in Pompano Beach.

“There are a lot of opportunities here that you don’t have in the Ukraine,” says Tserkovniuk. “Actually, before I got my documents, I was still thinking that I would move back to Ukraine. I thought maybe I would open a restaurant there. But when the war started everything changed. Now I will support Ukraine by opening my own restaurant, hire refugees, and raise money.”

The Original Sun-Sentinel Story

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Franchising Information

With a strategic five-year franchise expansion plan in place, Sarpino’s USA is in position for significant future growth, and we’re always striving to add people with restaurant experience to our brand. To learn more about how to become a Sarpino’s USA franchisee, visit