It was just a few years ago, 2018 to be exact, that Kateryna Tserkovniuk moved to South Florida and landed a job as a cashier at Sarpino’s Pizzeria in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The native of Ukraine worked her way to store manager, then regional manager, and now is poised — four years later, at age 26 — to open her own Sarpino’s franchise in Pompano Beach in early 2023.

“There are a lot of opportunities here that you don’t have in the Ukraine,” says Tserkovniuk. “Actually, before I got my documents, I was still thinking that I would move to Ukraine with the knowledge I have and maybe open a restaurant there.

“But when war started, I decided it was not a good time. And what I can do to support Ukraine is open my own restaurant and fundraise money, hire refugees.”

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