We’re on the lookout for new franchisees! Sarpino’s USA plans growth in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. With a successful track record and a strong customer base, Sarpino’s USA is an excellent investment opportunity for aspiring small business owners.

Pizza Industry Stats

One may wonder why pizza delivery is still a great business model, especially with the rise of online food delivery platforms. The answer lies in the convenience and simplicity of the service. Pizza delivery has been a staple in the American fast-food industry for years, and with technological advancements, ordering and delivering pizza has never been easier. According to Statista, pizza restaurant sales exceeded 45 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. In total, pizza restaurant sales increased by nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars over the past decade. This makes pizza delivery a profitable business opportunity.

Florida is Pro Business

Florida is a small business-friendly state. According to the 2020 Small Business Friendliness Survey by Thumbtack, Florida is the third most small business-friendly state. With its pro-business policies, low taxes, and streamlined regulations, Florida provides an ideal environment for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

Why Franchising?

Franchising is a popular way to invest in a business. According to the International Franchise Association, there are over 733,000 franchise establishments in the United States, employing over 7.6 million people. Franchising offers aspiring business owners the opportunity to start a business with a proven model, established brand, and ongoing support. Franchisors like Sarpino’s USA offer comprehensive training, marketing support, and ongoing guidance to help franchisees succeed.

Why Sarpino’s USA?

“We are driving growth in South Florida, and we are making a difference in the kind of pizza delivery experience guests can have across the tri-county area,” said Kateryna Tserkovniuk, Sarpino’s USA Broward County Franchisee. “We’re challenging existing delivery business models because we’re making everything from scratch in our kitchens. You can taste the difference in our food. But we’re able to keep consumer costs competitive because of the efficiencies and technology we’ve integrated into our restaurants. It’s a win-win for me as a business owner and for our consumers who get a superior product.”

While our brand has grown significantly over nearly 20 years, some things have remained constant. Sarpino’s artisanal approach is just not something you find very often in the big chains. We like to cook from scratch, and we’re proud that we get to tell that story to our customers with each order. Plus, our established business model has been proven to be pandemic and recession resistant. This is because pizza delivery remains a feel good and affordable consumer proposition, despite any challenging headwinds we may face.

Sarpino’s USA stands out as an attractive franchise opportunity. With its strong financials, training, and support, Sarpino’s USA provides its owners with the tools they need to succeed. We have extremely high franchisee satisfaction rates and provide franchisees with ongoing support in areas such as site selection, marketing, supply chain, labor, technology, and operations.

Franchising Information

Ready to join a leading brand in the pizza industry? Have what it takes to build a business in Broward and Palm Beach counties? With the continued growth of pizza delivery, the small business-friendly environment of Florida, and the proven success of the franchise model, now is an excellent time to invest in a Sarpino’s USA franchise.

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