Sarpino’s vegan menu is a win-win for customers and franchise owners

sarpino's vegan menu pizza

There are nearly 10 million vegans in the United States, and that number is growing.

The number of people becoming vegans and vegetarians increased by 300% in a three-year period. It’s the younger generations leading the push towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

One in five Millennials, the largest demographic in the United States, are changing their diets to lessen their impact on the planet. One recent poll showed a quarter of millennials aged 25-34 classify themselves as vegan or vegetarian.

This growing number of vegans and vegetarians still love to dine out. When they do, they want just as many options as everyone else.

This is where Sarpino’s, the fast-growing Italian eatery franchise, shines. Sarpino’s large vegan menu puts franchise owners at a huge advantage. Capturing a large and underserved segment of customers will increase sales and grow a wide consumer base.

“If you’re a vegan, you suffer from a lack of options,” says Rebecca Kroupa, Director of Research & Development and Operations & Training Manager. “Our vegan menu is a big win for us because it draws so many people to Sarpino’s, and they’re loyal. The fact that we offer a full vegan menu increases our profit potential, our customer reach, and it provides the type of options so many people are clamoring for. When we go into a new market, our vegan menu makes us immediately unique.”

Offering vegan options greatly increases profit potential

Despite perceptions by restaurant owners that offering vegan foods increases costs or don’t justify demand, studies are showing restaurants that offer meatless dishes are reaping in the rewards.

According to a study in Forbes, out of 17 restaurants surveyed that went 100% vegan, all reported an increase of sales between 10% and a staggering 1,000%. But even offering a few vegan items can capture vegan customers and grow a perception of being a more inclusive restaurant. This can increase sales, expand your market, and retain existing customers.

Why? Not only has veganism taken the food industry by storm, more people are embracing vegan food and trying to eat a healthier diet. A Nielsen survey shows nearly 40% of U.S. consumers vow to include more plants into their diet. Another study showed 37% of people say they order vegetarian or vegan dishes when eating out.

At Sarpino’s, we offer more than 10 gourmet vegan pizzas, ranging from traditional Margherita-style to Vegan Dubai Special, a delicious Italian and the Middle Eastern mix. We also offer vegan calzones, salads, sandwiches, and more.

“Our menu is based on what customers want,” says David Chatkin, President of Sarpino’s says. “I was a chef, and it was always my dream to serve high-end food to people. I’ve always believed everyone should have access to the best level of quality, taste, and consistency. With Sarpino’s, we’re doing that everyday. That’s what makes our brand so strong.”

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