Since acquiring the rights to develop the U.S. market in 2005, Sarpino’s USA has steadily been building locations with the understanding that when it comes to flavor, fresh and daily chopped ingredients are the only building blocks needed for great meal. Today, Sarpino’s USA has expanded to nearly 50 restaurants across the Midwest, West, and Florida and we’ve grown into one of the most trusted pizza delivery franchises.

While our brand has grown significantly over nearly 20 years, some things have remained constant. Sarpino’s artisanal approach is just not something you find very often in the big chains or in most independent shops. We like to cook from scratch, and we’re proud that we get to tell that story to our customers with each order. Plus, we’re an established business model which has been proven to be pandemic and recession resistant because pizza delivery remains a feel good and affordable consumer proposition, despite any challenging headwinds we may face.

Sarpinos StoreThe foundation for Sarpino’s multi-unit ownership begins with the basics – a commitment to the communities in which we operate, the scratch cooking of simple ingredients executed at the highest level, which is all built around the convenience of delivery and take-out. While pizza is at our core, we have grown and introduced new menu items along the way while refining our systems and procedures for scratch cooking and baking. Today, a typical Sarpino’s menu includes salads, wings, sandwiches, calzones, and specialty pizzas, in addition to a completely vegan menu as well. These simple, but effective pillars of business are a big reason why Sarpino’s owners continue to thrive in today’s marketplace. In fact, our average store sales exceed $1.35 million within a real estate footprint typically between 1,200 to 1,400 square feet.

Sarpino’s has developed a special business recipe that sets up multi-unit owners for success. We offer deep and strong corporate support systems throughout every single phase of ownership, a simplified business model, low overhead, a strong brand identity, a passionate executive leadership team, and best-in-class franchisee relationships.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our franchisees routinely sing praises about our team and our development model, which was designed to specifically go the extra mile for franchisees.

For example, Multi-Unit Franchisee Vasili Bykau owns three Saprino’s restaurants now, but back in 2004 when he first arrived in the United States, he began working for Sarpino’s as delivery driver. Eventually he became a pizza maker, a store manager and was eventually presented with the opportunity to become an owner.

“It’s always good to grow with a company that is growing itself,” said Bykau. “Investing in Sarpino’s is the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only does it provide a great lifestyle, but it’s a business that I can be proud of. Our pizza is the best, there’s no question about that, and our continued growth is a testament to that.”

Or take Franchisee Alex Ope into consideration. Like Vasili, he too worked his way up from delivery driver and eventually into ownership because Sarpino’s provides that kind of pathway for growth in addition to our regular investment/owner model.

“What makes Sarpino’s so unique is our commitment to quality products and ingredients. We give our customers a great experience every single time, which keeps them coming right back,” said Ope. Since day one, my Sarpino’s location has been consistently growing. As a Sarpino’s franchisee I get to reap the benefits of business ownership by serving products that I am proud of and by seeing my return on investment through our constant growth.”

In addition to the strength of relationships between franchisee and the Sarpino’s office, the entire Sarpino’s system is designed to position local franchise owners for success.

“We make everything in store, from scratch and we don’t charge delivery or a minimum order – it’s just a much better quality than you’re going to find anywhere else,” said Sarpino’s Franchisee Chris Graham. “Our local team and the corporate team out of Chicago are always working to help with hiring, marketing, and technology. Everyone sees it. Food delivery is booming and that is leading to major success in today’s market.”

Still don’t think you can afford to open a Sarpino’s franchise? Think again. With a strong brand identity, excellent franchisee relationships, and a passionate executive team firmly established, Sarpino’s boasts an approachable initial investment that ranges from $319,000 to $499,000 on leased space of approximately 1,200 to 1,400 square feet. As a Sarpino’s franchisee, you’ll be joining a leading national pizza delivery chain that is registering more than $1.35 million in average store sales across our system.

With plenty of room to still grow across the U.S., Sarpino’s continues to be one of the best performing franchise systems in the industry. We possess some of the most experienced real estate professionals in the business that can help candidates find optimal locations that fit specific needs and market conditions. Plus, our highly scalable business model allows for tremendous growth.

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