Iconic Italian eatery franchise offers a delivery-based business model ideally suited for a post-pandemic world

​​Why did owning a delivery pizza model make sense in 2020? Just look at the numbers: American consumers spent an estimated $14 billion on delivery pizza, the industry’s largest year over year growth in recent years. If you’ve ever wanted to start a pizza franchise with a focus on takeout and delivery, now is the time.

Own a Pizzeria Franchise Sarpino's storefront

The pizza delivery industry, according to Statista, increased around $3 billion from 2019 to 2020. Consumers increasingly favored having their food delivered to their homes during the pandemic, rather than eating out. As restaurants shut down and people no longer ate inside, businesses well equipped like Sarpino’s thrived and stepped up to meet consumer demands. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. America’s habits and preferences for ordering food are forever changed from the past year.

“Delivery is in our DNA,” says David Chatkin, President of Sarpino’s. “We’ve been a delivery concept from the beginning. Because we offer free delivery, we’re able to charge more for our food. Franchise owners enjoy better margins.”

A delivery-based business model is good for business

Starting a pizza franchise with a focus on takeout and delivery put our company in a position to thrive while our other competitors floundered to catch up after restaurants shut down. Last year’s success further proved Sarpino’s carry out and delivery business model is resistant to economic fluctuations and hardships brought by outside forces like recessions and pandemics.

Top 50% performers of Sarpino’s franchise owners generated more than $1.2 million in average AUV in 2020, according to the most recent Franchise Disclosure Document.

“Many of our franchise owners are having record-breaking months in business,” David says. “As a delivery and carry-out business, our franchise owners didn’t have to shut down. Their businesses weren’t disrupted in the same way. Even now in 2021, the demand for delivery and carry-out continues to grow. We don’t expect that to slow down anytime soon.”

Having a streamlined delivery-based business model and efficient digital footprint can only take a restaurant so far. What sets Sarpino’s further apart is its quality and fresh food. We have a large vegan menu, and a commitment to innovation that drives both profitability and growth.

“The reason why we continue to grow is because of the quality of our food,” David says. “Entrepreneurs who try our food fall in love with our concept, and they become franchise owners.”

Ready to start a pizza franchise in your community?

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