As was recently reported in Nation’s Restaurant News: Sarpino’s USA was named among the top 500 restaurants in America. A full 456 chains on this year’s Top 500 — that’s 91% of them — enjoyed sales growth in 2021. This includes Sarpino’s USA.

Opportunities in Front of Us

There is reason for buoyed optimism. Over the last several years Sarpino’s USA has been able to maximize efficiencies in both the front and back of our house. This is driving improved unit economics and smarter decision making.

Nation’s Restaurant News: Sarpino’s USA Named Among the Top 500 Restaurants

As a restaurant brand, we’re always looking to take a position of offense as it relates to sales. The Sarpino’s USA culture is built around working against strategic goals rather than simply reacting to whatever challenges are thrown at us. We’ve fortified our restaurants with more efficient operations and game-changing technologies. And the American consumer continues to clamor for our food, no matter which way the economic winds blow.

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Brand History

Since entering the U.S. in 2002, our delivery pizza franchise has grown to nearly 50 locations. We’ve developed a reputation for blending Old World Italian authenticity and American ingenuity. We offer a robust menu with roots traced back to Calabria in Southern Italy. Sarpino’s USA offers a convenient, seamless, and technology-driven customer experience. Today, Sarpino’s USA offers more than 60 specialty and gourmet pizzas, roughly 20 calzones and 20 sandwiches. In addition, we feature 12 pastas, 11 salads, three bone-in wing flavors, and a variety of appetizers. We also offer an entire separate vegan menu, which is a huge differentiator. In a world of sameness and low-quality, factory-made pizzas, we have forged an entirely different path. We make our food from scratch, taking an artisanal approach to pizza-making simply not found in big chains.

Franchise Information

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