Since acquiring the rights to develop the U.S. market nearly 20 years ago, Sarpino’s USA has grown into one of the most trusted and delicious pizza delivery franchises with the understanding that when it comes to flavor – fresh and daily chopped ingredients are the only building blocks needed for great meal. Today, we have expanded to nearly 50 restaurants across the Midwest, West, and Florida and we’re looking to aggressively grow right now in those markets and more. And now is the perfect time to become a Sarpino’s franchise owners because we continue to experience strong double-digit growth across our system and our average unit sales currently exceed $1.35 million.

We’ve successfully navigated nearly two decades of restaurant development and in the past few years alone, when we had to get creative to stay ahead of the pandemic, we saw large and incremental jumps in sales while continuing to open new locations despite the headwinds. This is proof of a very healthy company and our expansion is good news for prospective franchisees looking to capitalize on a reputable brand.

While we know you can’t guarantee results for a new franchisee, we feel confident in our business model that has stood the test of time. Furthermore, the delivery model and the comfort and affordability that pizza provides the consumer has proven to be pandemic and recession resistant because pizza, wings, salads, calzones, pasta and more will always remain a feel-good proposition.

Even during the height of the pandemic, Sarpino’s restaurants around the country remained really, really, busy. Besides the approachability of our food, one of the other reasons for our continued success is that our owners really care about our customers and the communities in which we operate. In fact, since our inception, Sarpino’s has built our businesses around old traditions, but updated them to take advantage of new techniques and new technologies, with the end result being honest, contemporary pizza, wings, salads, and pasta that people crave.

The growth of our modern chain interprets a mash-up of styles and techniques and our attention to amazing food is meant to spotlight that brilliance. At Sarpino’s, we will always do right by the old ways of scratch cooking while using point of sales programs, inventory management systems and the latest in technology to help our franchisees and their employees work smarter without sacrificing authenticity. From way before the pandemic to now, Sarpino’s has been side-by-side with our franchisees every step of the way, helping them navigate unprecedented challenges while seizing on tremendous new opportunities for growth.

Now more than ever, our adaptiveness and our ability to respond to adversity continues to set us apart from the competition. We understand our franchise owners have had to stay on their toes through a lot of uncertainty and our support teams have been there to ensure they have what they need. Our franchisees have been able to outlast challenges and continue to drive revenue growth.

Sarpino’s has proven itself for nearly 20 years, offering franchisees stable revenue opportunities and the ability to earn a very good ROI. That predictability continues to prove itself, and franchisees can anticipate increased revenue in the coming years as we continue to expand. With a strong brand identity, excellent franchisee relationships, and a firmly-established, passionate executive team, Sarpino’s boasts an approachable initial investment that ranges from $319,000 to $499,000 if you lease space of approximately 1,200 to 1,400 square feet. As a Sarpino’s franchisee, you’ll be joining a leading national pizza delivery chain that is registering more than $1.35 million in average store sales across our system.

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