What Makes A Sarpino’s Franchise Unique?

Capitalize on the demand for high-quality pizza, consumer choice, and convenience

It’s no secret that Americans love pizza. According to Reader’s Digest, pizza is the one food that most Americans would want to eat for the rest of their lives. It’s also America’s favorite cheat day food. It’s the food that gets delivered the most, and it’s the one food that feels just as special on a Thursday night dinner as watching the big game on Sunday.

Our love for pizza has created a massive industry that’s continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Restaurant pizza sales generated more than $46 billion in 2020, according to IBIS World. That number is expected to surge past $48 billion in 2021! That’s growth of more than $2 billion in just one year, despite the recent pandemic.

While Americans’ love affair with pizza is real, not all pizza is created equal.

Sarpino’s is one of the best pizza franchises in the industry and with a major focus on food delivery franchising, we’re setting ourselves apart and rapidly growing as a result.

We deliver excellent food & an exceptional experience every time

Walk into our kitchens in the morning, and you will find us hand kneading our dough, making pizza sauce from scratch, and using only the freshest ingredients. This artisanal approach to pizza making isn’t found in the big chains, and it’s rarely found in the independent pizza shops too.

“The Sarpino’s franchise succeeds in a very competitive market,” says David Chatkin, President of Sarpino’s. “Our food makes us special because it’s so high quality. This is what the customer wants. We actually have to put so much effort into our food because today’s consumers expect it. Our food is the real deal. We make everything from scratch, and we’re proud that we get to tell that story to our customers.”

Having gourmet pizza is only half of what makes our brand so exceptional. The other half is convenience. As a food delivery franchise business, we are a delivery and carry-out only concept. This gives us the time to focus on creating the highest-quality, tastiest pizzas possible. We’re open late 365 days a year. Because we’re gourmet, our customers know they’re always going to get an incredible meal no matter what time of day they call us.

“Delivery is in our DNA,” David Chatkin says. “Sarpino’s has been a self-delivery concept from inception and of the first to work with Chicago’s GrubHub, and later adding UberEats, Doordash to its delivery force. As third parties emerged, Sarpino’s franchises established an enterprise relationship with all of them. We created an omni-channel sales infrastructure that allows Sarpino’s to reach consumers everywhere.”

sarpino's franchise vegan menu

Our vegan menu is a HUGE differentiator

One of the other ways that Sarpino’s has remained one of the best pizza franchises in the industry is due to our vegan menu and alternative food options. We take into consideration people’s dietary restrictions every time we craft a new item, and pride ourselves on offering a full vegan menu. We know millions of people are becoming vegetarians, vegans, or are trying to become healthier through diets like keto. Some are trying to avoid gluten or have a gluten intolerance. Whatever the case may be, Sarpino’s can accommodate everyone.

Our vegan menu in particular is a reason to get excited about Sarpino’s. We offer over 10 gourmet vegan pizzas that range from traditional Margherita-style to Vegan Dubai Special, which mixes Italy and the Middle East in a delicious, innovative way. In addition to vegan pizzas, we also offer vegan calzones, vegan salads, vegan sandwiches, and more. It’s no wonder why our customers cannot get enough of us!

“If you’re a vegan, you suffer from a lack of options,” says Rebecca Kroupa, Director of Research & Development and Operations & Training. “Our vegan menu is a big win for us because it draws so many people to Sarpino’s, and they’re loyal. The fact that we offer a full vegan menu increases our profit-potential, customer reach, and it provides the type of options so many people are clamoring for. When we go into a new market, our vegan menu makes us immediately unique.”

Sarpino's franchise chef making pizzaMore than just pizza – Sarpino’s has something for everyone

Just like our vegan menu, our regular menu is full of options. We have more than a dozen subs and sandwiches, a wide array of pastas, salads, calzones, desserts, and more. We’re always looking for new flavor profiles, and we’re always rolling out new products to get our customers excited about coming to us.

“Our menu is based on what customers want,” David Chatkin says. “I was a chef, and it was always my dream to be able to serve high-end food to people. I’ve always believed everyone should have access to the best level of quality, taste, and consistency. With Sarpino’s, we’re doing that every day. That’s what makes our brand so strong.”

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